Noel’s Inc. STIHL Power Tools Sale Event: Best Prices in 4-Corners Area

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Noel’s Inc.’s commitment to selling premium products and power equipment at an exceptional value is one we take very seriously. We have built our hard-earned reputation over the past 70-plus years in the 4-corners area and beyond thanks to the value we provide our customers every day, and that continues with our huge sale on select STIHL power tools for Chizh Fest 2019!

For a limited time, beginning on Sept. 26 and ending Oct. 5, Noel’s Inc. is proudly offering the best STIHL power tools for tremendous deals, from chainsaws to professional and cordless blowers, as an official STIHL power tools dealer. With fall quickly on us, it’s important to keep your property in tip-top shape or to have the finest equipment available for those who make their living landscaping. Now is the time to stock up and replace your outdated power tools with the finest outdoor equipment on the market with STIHL power tools!

Whether you are in the 4-corners area as well and want to stop by our store located in Farmington, New Mexico at 601 Scott Avenue, or are looking for great deals online, be sure to check out Chiza Fest 2019 and get your favorite STIHL power tools for the best prices available!


Our selection of the best chainsaws in the world is available to you at exceptional prices all year long, however, in the spirit of Chiza Fest 2019, select STIHL chainsaws are on incredible deals for a short time. Let’s take a closer look at the two amazing STIHL chainsaws on sale as part of this awesome sale!

STIHL MS362 Chainsaw – You Save $77!

For any and all tree-falling, delimbing or thinning operations, look no further than this amazing STIHL chainsaw! The STIHL MS362 chainsaw is reimagined with a lighter-weight frame and an expanded fuel capacity to mix the tremendous power you need with the efficiency and ease-of-use that normally comes with much smaller chainsaws.

Key Features:

  • All the common features of STIHL chainsaws you love
  • Pre-separation air filtration system to save time and efficiency in the engine
  • Side-access chain tensioner for convenient, easy adjustment
  • Decompression valve for easier starting and reduced starter rope effort
  • Anti-vibration system creates a more comfortable working experience

The advanced engine technology works to reduce exhaust emissions for dependability on the job site and it now runs longer between filter cleaning, with a lifetime air filter that needs no replacing! This is a no-fuss STIHL chainsaw that is built to satisfy the professional tree and forestry personnel as well as the enthusiast taking care of his property into his own hands. This marked-down STIHL chainsaw can now be yours for nearly $100 cheaper than suggested retail price!


  • 59 cc displacement
  • 3.5 kW of engine power
  • 600 cc fuel capacity
  • 3/8″ Oilmatic® chain
  • 40-63 cm guide bar lengths
  • Gas-powered

STIHL MS211 C-BE Chainsaw – You Save $32!

Combining the easy use of a smaller chainsaw with the performance of a hard-working chainsaw, the STIHL MS211 B-CE chainsaw is the perfect power tool for those looking for a versatile piece of equipment to get any job done. This STIHL chainsaw takes the low-emissions and air-filtration technology you love and meshes it with the popular comfort features STIHL products are known for.

Key Features:

  • Features STIHL Easy2Start™ system, powering up with the simple pull of the cord
  • The IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor automatically adjusts the air/fuel ratio when there is a partial clog or restriction to maintain the engine’s correct RPMs
  • Quick chain adjuster allows you to adjust the chain without the use of tools
  • The engine runs at any temperature year-round to prevent carburetor icing when you work in 50 degrees or less (Fahrenheit)
  • Built right here in the USA

This light-weight chainsaw starts with the simple pull of a cord and features a quick-chain adjuster, which allows you to adjust the chain without the need for any tools! This is one high-tech STIHL chainsaw available at an exceptional price for what you are getting, perfect for the homeowner who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty every now and again. Waste no time and own this beautiful STIHL power tool for more than $30 off for a great deal!


  • 35.2 cc displacement
  • 1.7  kW of engine power
  • 280 cc fuel capacity
  • 3/8″ Oilmatic® chain
  • 30-45 cm guide bar lengths
  • Gas-powered
Noel’s Inc.’s STIHL Power Tools Sale Poster


Chizh Fest 2019 does not stop at chainsaws! We also have exceptional deals on the STIHL blowers you want in your arsenal, from professional-level backpack blowers to easy-to-use cordless blowers utilizing STIHL’s amazing universal batters. Let’s take a look at the products on offer for amazing prices!

STIHL BR 600 Professional Blower – You Save $50!

Utilizing a powerful, yet fuel-efficient engine, the STIHL BR 600 professional blower is the standard for professional-grade blowers on the market. This beautiful piece of equipment generates the highest air volume and velocity in the entire line of STIHL blowers, but keeps a low-emissions engine, perfect for both rural and urban environments!

Key Features:

  • Throttle trigger lock allows you to turn off the engine with the press of a button
  • Purge pump primer enables you to prime the carburetor with fuel for easier starting
  • Reduced emissions for a more environmentally-friendly operation
  • Easy access to controls on the handle for more convenient user operation
  • Anti-vibration system gives you maximum comfort when using
  • Adjustable harness on the backpack distributes weight evenly across the shoulders and back

No matter where or what the job is, you can rest assured that the STIHL BR 600 professional backpack blower brings the power to get the cleanup job done properly. This blower is a great choice for heavy-duty cleanups for professional landscapers or those with large properties who are seeking to get the cleanup done quickly and effectively. Thanks to Chiza Fest 2019, this amazing STIHL blower can be yours with a savings of $50!


  • 64.8  cc displacement
  • 2.8  kW of engine power
  • 1,400 cc fuel capacity
  • 32 Newtons of blowing force
  • Max air velocity of 238 MPH
  • Gas-powered

STIHL BGA 56 Cordless Blower – You Save $20!

Gain the STIHL advantage in both performance and value with the STIHL BGA 56 cordless blower, which delivers air speeds up to 121 MPH and enhanced comfort features. The adjustable tube fits different user heights and can clear sidewalks up to seven football fields long in a single charge!

Key Features:

  • The hanging slot allows for easier storage
  • A multi-functional handle can be adjusted with one hand for simple, reliable operation
  • The lightweight design gives this blower great maneuverability and extended use
  • Made right here in the USA

This STIHL cordless blower uses the amazing universal battery, the staple of all STIHL products. When you are done, the convenient hanging strap allows for easy storage. This all-purpose cordless blower is perfect for use around your home and property and is light enough to travel with you for professionals looking for a quick cleanup. You save $20, with the battery and charger included in this tremendously-valued deal!


  • Run time of up to 30 minutes
  • 9 Newtons of blowing force
  • Max air velocity of 121 MPH
  • Battery-powered

Shop Our Selection Today!

Don’t wait any longer! As we said earlier, these amazing deals of STIHL power tools are for a limited time only, starting Sept. 26 and ending Oct. 5. Find great deals on the finest outdoor power tools in the world both at our store location in Farmington, NM or shop our affordable selection of STIHL power tools online. Either way, you are guaranteed to find the best prices on the equipment you love as Noel’s Inc. only sells premium products for exceptional value. This has been our commitment to you since 1946 and will continue to be the staple of our hardware store!
If you have any other questions about this huge sale or our affordable selection of STIHL power tools as a certified STIHL dealer, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today as our professional team of experts is on hand to help you in any way they can for the best customer experience in the 4-corners area!

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